Our Approach

For a growing number of Americans, big is not always better. Many people are downsizing and moving into what's called "tiny houses."  Using Stackhouse Shipping containers provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easily transportable housing solution. Our homes are completely customizable, from full-size appliances to floor plan selection. We make container living an elevated alternative to the rising cost of urban housing.

Our Story

At Stackhouse, our goal is to make home-ownership more affordable, and downtown living more accessible. Our members are provided with the first-ever opportunity to live in any of our (eventual) worldwide locations, while monetizing their membership via our unique real estate trading platform.

Meet the Team



Ryan Egan

Founder & CEO

Ryan Egan is a native Tucsonan who has been working in real estate his entire life. As the son of a commercial broker, he began tagging along to property showings at the age of 5. Since then, Ryan has worked in both residential and commercial real estate throughout the southwestern United States his specialty being unit entitlement and commercial development in San Francisco. While working in “The City,” it became apparent that large developments were driving longtime residents and middle-class workers out of the city’s center. Inspired by the tiny house movement and a commitment to attainable housing for all, Ryan now draws on his entitlement experience developing a completely new form of urban home ownership. After years of research and the support of his partner, Janelle Briggs, Ryan founded Stackhouse. Stackhouse is a revolutionary housing alternative to the high-priced options available to city dwellers over the last century.


Janelle Briggs

Co-Founder & COO

Dr. Janelle Briggs has worked in the fields of marketing and communication for the last ten years, gaining expertise in project management, integrated marketing, and client relations. An ardent proponent of social justice, Janelle brings her perspective and experience working with various business and community partners including nonprofits, banking, and educational institutions, to the table as the Co-Founder of Stackhouse. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, as well as a Masters and Ph.D. in Communication.

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