Stackhouse homes are considered manufactured homes by your local city or county and are permitted anywhere manufactured homes are not specifically excluded.

Definitely. Stackhouse homes are considered manufactured homes by every local code enforcement agency and make great guest houses or mother-in-law suites. We are happy to help you navigate your local code requirements. Once your foundation and utility connections are in place, your Stackhouse unit is easily installed by our team.

Yes! Though we have worked hard to include all the necessities in our standard model, Stackhouse members are encouraged to personalize their unit to fit their unique needs and lifestyle.

Every Stackhouse home is built to the standards required by the International Building Code, and are HUD-approved for all four climate zones in the United States.

Each home comes with a Mitsubishi split Heating & AC system capable of heating and cooling your home quickly and efficiently.

The first Stackhouse tower will be in Tucson, Arizona. We are currently working on building additional towers in Colorado and Florida.

Stackhouse units have 320 sqft of interior space, 9ft. ceilings, and at least 160 sqft of outdoor living space.

Stackhouse homes start at $45,000, plus shipping.

Each Stackhouse comes equipped with all the same utilities of a traditional apartment. Water, electricity, internet, and cable are provided by Stackhouse and are covered by your monthly membership.