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Why We Finally Went Tiny

Welcome to our first ever guest blog! We are thrilled to share Tami and Kevin’s “going tiny” adventure! We are big fans of their tenacity and passion for tiny living. Please enjoy! POSTED ON APRIL 2, 2018 Not to be dramatic or anything, but two days after returning...

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One Year Ago Today…

Every year Ryan and I house-sit for some family friends. We stay at their house, about 45 minutes outside of town, watch their dogs, and drink pretty much all of their coffee. What a difference a year makes. This time last year, Stackhouse was only a few months old....

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Norway Is Entering a New Era of Climate-Conscious Architecture

“Attesting to the effects of spiralling rents on homelessness, four-fifths of those living on Seattle’s streets used to have housing in King County. Seattle’s homelessness crisis was declared a state of emergency in 2015.”

Housing Issues in the News

How Neoliberalism Took Over Home-Makeover Shows

How Neoliberalism Took Over Home-Makeover Shows One thing home-makeover shows have decidedly done is recalibrate what poverty looks like. Source:

Where are baby boomers retiring? Don’t look far

Where are baby boomers retiring? Don't look far Arizona is behind only Florida for drawing the most retirees, according to Census data. Five metro Phoenix cities made the list of top 10 metro areas. Source:...

The Great Recession Is Still With Us

The downturn left the country poorer and more unequal than it would have been otherwise. Source:

If You Want Less Displacement, Build More Housing

If You Want Less Displacement, Build More Housing Blocking new development doesn’t keep people from moving in. It often prices residents out of the neighborhoods they’re trying to preserve. Source:...

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