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Why We Started

My partner, Ryan Egan, and I are frequently asked why we started Stackhouse. Whenever we tell our story, some parts are emphasized over others, some details are left out depending on the audience. For us, Stackhouse is more than a business — it is a necessary...

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National Tiny House Conference

Friends! The end of the summer has been quite the busy season for us. In August, we started preliminary meeting with City of Tucson officials for our very first tower. Our architect, Randy Jacob, has been hard at work on the design for our patent-pending tower and...

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Norway Is Entering a New Era of Climate-Conscious Architecture

“Attesting to the effects of spiralling rents on homelessness, four-fifths of those living on Seattle’s streets used to have housing in King County. Seattle’s homelessness crisis was declared a state of emergency in 2015.”

Housing Issues in the News

Why the middle class can’t afford life in America anymore

Why the middle class can’t afford life in America anymore After spending his days teaching AP American history and economics at the public Live Oak High School in San Jose, Calif., Matt Barry drives for Uber. Barry’s wife, Nicole, teaches as well — they e… Source:...

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